C Duncan, Emma Pollock and Rachel Sermanni are among the acts contributing to a new compilation album, ‘Not Known At This Address’.

The debut release from the Distant Voices project sees a band of Scottish songwriters collaborate with musicians, lyricists and singers who have, as per the project’s aims, “first-hand experience of the criminal justice system”.

The project from Vox Liminis has put together prisoners, prison staff, researchers, and social workers as co-writers on the album, who also include Kris Drever, Pronto Mama, Bdy_Prts, Fiskur, Donna Maciocia, Admiral Fallow, and the latter’s singer Louis Abbott, Creative Lead for Distant Voices.

The three day songwriting workshops (‘Vox Sessions’) took place in prisons across Scotland over the last 18 months, leading to demo recordings which were taken to Chem19, where full band arrangements were produced, mixed and mastered.

The songs vary in content, from learning an instrument for the first time, coming to terms with the death of a relative, the push to be a better father, or, unsurprisingly, the struggle to find a way home.

Louis Abbott, Emma Pollock and Donna Maciocia will perform tracks from the album in Dundee on June 17th, at Clark’s on Lindsay Street.

More at www.voxliminis.co.uk