Victoria Hume releases a new double A-side single, ‘February’ / ‘Little Ray’, via the Lost Map label.

Originally part of the Bute-based imprint’s Postmap subscription club, the two tracks are now available to download or stream via Spotify and Apple Music.

The Brighton-born singer-songwriter, who was raised in Dorset, studied in Oxford and spent several years living and working in London before relocating to Johannesburg in 2014. Now back in the UK, she self-released her debut album ‘Limbs & Digits’ in 2009 and its follow-up ‘Landing’ in 2012.

Hume then joined Lost Map in 2015 after her music was passed to label founder / director Johnny ‘Pictish Trail’ Lynch via mutual friend and collaborator, Adem, who had worked with her on her 2013 song cycle project ‘Delirium’ – themed around the hallucinations patients may experience during hospital-based intensive care. (Outside of music, Victoria works as an arts manager in health and medicine and as a researcher).

The new songs follow the release of the singles ‘Suspension’ and ‘Desert’ / ‘If I Had a Sword’ last year, and before that, 2016’s ‘Closing’ EP.

Of the single, Hume says: “February was written… last February, in a state of dissociation, living in a city I didn’t know and travelling several times a week through big and small stations late at night, midwinter. Sometimes the trains worked, sometimes they didn’t.”

“Little Ray – I have no idea where that came from,” she continues. “I was in that between-sleep-and-wake state and some lyrics floated into my mind; for once I was just awake enough to write them down. I didn’t dare switch the light on, but I was careful to write them large enough so that when I found them scrawled across the page the next morning I had a chance of making sense of it.”

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