Urusei Yatsura have released “an incomplete sampling of B sides, bonus tracks, lost and forgotten tunes”.

‘Can You Spell Urusei Yatsura – Lost Songs 1993​-​2000’ is available to download on Bandcamp, from August 7th, a ‘no fees Friday’ from the online retailer.

The 15-track collection from the Glasgow four-piece covers the 1993 – 2000 period, when Ian Graham, Graham Kemp, Elaine Graham, and Fergus Lawrie released three albums, and had several chart singles including Top 40 hit ‘Hello Tiger’.

Its b-side ‘Vent Axial’ is among the tracks featured, as is ‘Pampered Adolescent’, originally a split single in 1995 with Alex Kapranos’ The Blisters, and ‘Kozee Heart’, a b-side which also appeared on the ‘Noises From the Sound Cupboard’ compilation.

The band split in 2001 with the Grahams and Lawrie forming Projekt A-ko and Kemp working on solo material. More recently various members have resurfaced in Calacas and Paper Birch.

The new collection was recorded variously in Glasgow, London and elsewhere by John Rivers, Chris Allison, Stewart Cruikshank, Charlie Cazimi and Paul Savage.

More at www.facebook.com/uruseiyatsuraband.