Unkle Bob release a new single, ‘Safety Net’, on their Highpony label.

It’s the first brand-new material from the quintet since they split in 2011, with main singer and songwriter Rick Webster continuing under the name the following year.

However, following “much emailing, Zoom-ing, WhatsApp-ing, and remote recording,” the Glasgow-based act – Stuart Cartwright, Ron Yeadon, Geoff Widdowson, and Chloe Peacock – have rejoined Webster, with plans for new material and a reunion tour.

Those live dates were initially scheduled for October this year, to coincide with the re-issue of the band’s debut recording on its 15th anniversary.

Originally recorded by Geoff Allan at Cava Studios, the new edition of ‘The Hit Parade‘ came out in April, and although gig plans were largely scuppered by the turn in global events, the newly reformed group began working on new material remotely in home studios across the UK, from Glasgow to London via Bath.

Despite splitting in 2011, the five got together again, briefly, in Wales in 2014 to record third album ‘Embers’

One further album, ‘The Deepest Sea’, followed, before Webster dropped the Unkle Bob moniker, instead working as Richard Luke to record ‘Voz’ – an instrumental collaboration with violinist Amira Bedrush-McDonald – with the singer resting his vocal cords following a case of muscle tension dysphonia.

Webster describes the new material as: “a homage to 2020 and the idea that we’re all connected in our lives, health and work… and whether or not we choose to recognise that responsibility.”

The band also have plans to record a new long-player – we like to think its title will actually be ‘Kickstarter’, but whatever, the band have now opened a campaign to fund recording next year.

More at www.unklebob.com / www.highpony.co.uk