Unkle Bob release a new EP, ‘When You Were Awake’.

The lineup of the ‘band’ is currently founder member Rick Webster, in collaboration with Jos Collins of Edinburgh-based The Little Birds. The pair bonded musically, we’re told, over a love of “The The, The Cure and The Unforgettable Fire by U2” – as well as old-school drum machines like the Roland TR-606 and the CR-78.

There are five tracks on the release – ‘Cold On Me’, Going Under,’ When You Were Awake’, ‘Take It Back’, and ‘Small Town Big City’.

Collins says of ‘Cold On Me’: “It’s a song about the fragility of trust, especially within a relationship that needs more fuel than it generates…”

The EP was recorded at Webster’s Highpony Studio, which has also been the base for productions for the likes of Breakfast Muff, The Vignettes, James, and Mark McGowan.

Unkle Bob, who formed in 2006, disbanded in 2011 before Webster revived the name again 2014, releasing a third album, ‘Embers’, followed by most recent releases in 2016-17, the companion EPs ‘The Deepest Sea’ and ‘The Highest Mountains’.

Webster has also released an instrumental album, ‘Glass Island’, under the Richard Luke pseudonym.

More at www.unklebob.com.