Unkle Bob release a new mini-album ‘The Highest Mountains’ on JustMe / In Black Records.

As well as a download it is available as a CD featuring ‘The Highest Mountains’ and previous release ‘The Deepest Sea’ on one CD album, featuring all 14 tracks in a limited edition of 100 copies (the first 25 hand stamped).

Although UNkle Bob effectively quit as a band after three albums, frontman and principal songwriter Rick Webster has carried on the name for these two releases, with the new album being recorded in a barn on the banks of Loch Tay

The seven songs document a journey that took frontman Rick Webster to Ghana, Berlin and the Highlands of Scotland.

Following a music project in Africa organised by Glasgow’s Green Door Studios, Rick met Breakfast Muff’s Eilidh McMillan, who sings backing vocals on ‘Trust’ and ‘I Remember’.

Webster then set up studio in The Big Shed, a community-run barn in the Highlands, and brought in Chris Hardwick on drums and bassist Scott Cousins, and over the space of two months had the songs that form the album ready to be finalised in Glasgow.

More on the album including ordering details at www.unklebob.com.