TV21’s classic album A Thin Red Line is finally re-released on Rev-Ola records on March 29. Its packaged under the title Snakes and Ladders, containing various singles from the period as well, and has the subtitle “Almost Complete: 1980-82”

The full track listing is as follows:

1. Playing With Fire
2. Shattered By It All
3. Ambition
4. Ticking Away
5. This is Zero
6. On The Run (Who’s Gonna get me first?)
7. End of a Dream
8. Snakes And Ladders
9. Waiting For The Drop
10. Ideal Way of Life
11. This Is Zero
12. Ticking Away
13. It Feels Like It’s Starting to Rain
14. Something’s Wrong
15. What’s Going On?
16. When I Scream
17. Tomorrow
18. Attention Span
19. All Join Hands