Trookers release their debut album ‘The Temporary’.

Describing themselves as the UK’s most northernly pop quartet, the Shetland combo consist of Robert Balfour, Chris Thomson, Chris Cope and Erik Peterson.

The band – who began life as a duo in 2012 – are a supergroup of sorts – in Shetland terms at least, featuring members of The Revellers and First Foot Soldiers.

Of the 11-track long-player, Chris Thomson (guitar/vocals/keyboard/producer/tea drinker) said: “I’m delighted to finally get it out there for folks to hear. It’s hardly a pint of Guinness, but I hope folk that give it a listen enjoy it.

“I think it is quite a dark album lyrically, but it’s not obvious when you listen to it. A lot of the songs came to be when Robert and I were in our mid-twenties and there’s definitely a current running through the songs that relate to that time of life.

“Loss is a theme – loss of childhood, innocence, vitality, love – it’s bubbling under the surface of a lot of the songs, hopefully giving the music an edge when it is at its lightest.”


1. The Temporary
2. Minute Steak
3. Birds
4. My Heart, Your Heart
5. Old Town
6. Demon
7. Seashells
8. Hand Grenade
9. Out My Head
10. Maybe
11. Sister Sister /