Tomorrow’s Ghost releases a new single, ‘Call Me Ishmael’

Available to download via Bandcamp, the track from the “East Lothian Gloom Popster follows the debut single, June’s ‘Wholesale Changes For The Good‘ and like its predecessor, was recorded, produced and mixed by SAW.

‘Call Me Ishmael’ sees Mikey Ferguson aka Tomorrow’s Ghost reflect on “a period of time I spent in a mental health hospital as a patient, dealing with various forms of depression and loss. Checking in there was the scariest thing I’ve ever done and I believed, at first, that I didn’t belong in a place like that.

“That changed quickly after finding solace in the company of others…” he continues. “I wasn’t different to, better or worse than anyone else in there. That’s where the title and the last verse in the song comes from (as well as the obvious literary reference)… the name on my hospital door belonged there as much as those of my neighbours. I needed to get better.”

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