Song, By Toad Records is to put one more record, following its announcement of its ‘retirement’.

The all-Canadian split 12″ set features Dana Gavanski, FOONYAP, LT Leif and Woodpigeon – the latter of whom, aka Mark Andrew Hamilton, has already appeared on the Edinburgh-based imprint in a split release with Rob St. John.

The new collection of songs forms Vol. 7 of the label’s Split 12″ series – which has previously featured the likes of Siobhan Wilson, Jonnie Common, Micah P Hinson, Paws, Viking Moses, and the final recording of Willard Grant Conspiracy, before the death of Robert Fisher in 2017.

The label was given an emotional send-off last October at a 10th anniversary gig in Leith Depot, but with the new release already planned before head honcho Matthew Young decided to call it a day, the new tracks were duly recorded at the label’s studio / live space The Happiness Hotel.

Song, By Toad has put out over 70 releases over its 10 year history, by artists including Adam Stafford, Jesus H Foxx, The Leg, eagleowl, DTHPDL, Meursault, Modern Studies and David Thomas Broughton.

As Young says: “These records aren’t going to make anyone rich so it really only makes sense to do it if you think it’s fun.”

The label’s cigar-chomper added: “My Dad was born and raised in Montreal, so making an all-Canadian Split 12” just seemed too appealing to shy away from. When I was a kid we’d go and visit the Canadian side of the family, and my Dad and I would always go into a music shop to buy something new for the inevitably epic long-distance drives.”

1. Dana Gavanski – How Long Has it Been
2. Woodpigeon – The City is Mine
3. LT Leif – White Birds
4. FOONYAP – Aram
5. Dana Gavanski – Little Bird
6. Woodpigeon – Postcard From a Posh Man
7. FOONYAP – Yes/No
8. LT Leif – No Birds
9. Woodpigeon – He Follows Me
10. FOONYAP – Mara
11. Dana Gavanski – Your Own Time
12. LT Leif – Hard Time

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