Edinburgh-based indie Song, by Toad Records is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a special box set (or as the label themselves describe it, their “biggest act of commercial folly yet”.
Included in the five-album collection is a completely re-recorded version of Meursault’s 2008 debut, now entitled Kissing on Bonfires, and The Leg‘s What Happened to the Shrunken Tina Turner, which is largely unknown due to former label SL imploding around the time of its release.
There are also long-players from Animal Magic Tricks, and Virgin of the Birds, and The Toad Sessions, a collection of intimate live / house recordings featuring everyone from Broken Records and The Pictish Trail to Paws and (yes!) Mumford and Sons. Although of the 30 or so hand-picked tracks it’s not clear yet which ones have made the cut…

Each of the 12″ albums comes in a hand printed sleeve and the box contains a book of essays and artwork.

The label is also streaming each album for a few days throughout January and making one song per record available as a free download. Full details at songbytoad.com.