Tiberius release their debut LP ‘A Peaceful Annihilation’.

Available to download via Bandcamp, or stream on Spotify, the 10 tracks from the Edinburgh-based progressive metal act were mixed and mastered by Meyrick De La Fuente (Exist Immortal, Godeater, Derange and Vexed) of Floodgate Audio.

The quintet – Grant Barclay, Jahan Tabrizi, Chris Foster, Ryan Anderson and Nick Kelly – had had previously released four EPs and singles dating back to 2016.

Of the new album, vocalist Grant Barclay said: “The themes and issues discussed in this album are broad and varied – at its core this album is about the chaos we find all around is in the modern world, and current events have served to accentuate this fact.

“In that sense this album is bittersweet; if the options are between what’s currently happening in the world and being labelled as doomsayers, I’ll take the latter every time. Unfortunately we’re stuck with the former, but at least the songs are catchy.”

Guitarist Jahan Tabrizi added: “This album has been inspired by real-world events to create songs which deal with broad themes and social issues. While we’ve taken inspiration from our musical peers and heroes, we feel we have now established our own true identity. It’s been an exciting journey that we can’t wait to share with everyone!”

More at www.wearetiberius.com / www.facebook.com/TiberiusUK.