Thirty Pounds of Bone release a new album, ‘whence,the’, on Armellodie Records, and via Cargo / Proper Digital.

Available online on 12″ black vinyl as well as a digital download, the nine tracks are the work of Shetland-born singer-songwriter Johny Lamb, now based in Falmouth in Cornwall.

It’s his sixth full-length album, and the third in a series experimenting with the studio recording process – 2015’s ‘The Taxidermist’ concentrated on ensemble pieces, while 2019’s ‘Still Every Year They Went’ was recorded live, at sea, on a commercial fishing boat.

The final piece in the trilogy explores further Lamb’s interest in analogue synthesisers – using Eurorack modular synths as the basis for each track, which means that many of the parts on the record are all but impossible to recreate; the nature of the patches being built in the moment, captured, and undocumented.

Lamb still adds guitars, brass and drums to the mix, but alongside electronic sounds, drones and noise. The album was mastered by label co-founder Scott Maple.

The tracks themselves focus on what he describes as “tiny details of sadness,” largely inspired by the events of ‘A Story of Long’ where the central moment of the song is observing a close friend pouring his husband a glass of water in a hospice, just some few hours before his death, with the album is dedicated to the couple in question.

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