There Will Be Fireworks release their second album The Dark, Dark Bright on the Comets & Cartwheels label on the 25th of November. The album launches at SWG3 in Glasgow on the 22nd November with guests Friends in America and Kevin Harper.

The record follows up the self-released their debut album in 2009 and again was recorded at Old Mill Studios in Strathaven, where Marshall Craigmyle produced the self-titled debut record as well as 2011’s Because, Because EP. It’s already had a rather enthusiastic review from those nice people at

Tracklisting reads as follows:
1 And Our Hearts Did Beat
2 River
3 Roots
4 Youngblood
5 Ash Wednesday
6 So Stay Close
7 Lay Me Down
8 Here Is Where
9 Your House Was Aglow
10 South Street
11 Elder And Oak
12 The Good Days