Regular readers will know that we only feature new bands who are worthy of the epithet ‘hotly-tipped’. Falling into this category are the Glasgow-based quintet The Yawns, whose debut album has slowly been gathering something of a ‘reputation’ since its download-only release via the Electropapnit label last year.


Sean Armstrong – Vocals
Emma Smith – Bass
Stuart Macintosh – Guitar
Gavin Will – Guitar
Rikki Will – Drums


We thought up the idea of The Yawns about a year and a half ago. We have always had a habit of making up ideas and names for bands, telling everyone they are going to be the greatest and not doing anything about it. This time we did something. We got the current line up together and started gigging around October 2012 and the fun started.
The Yawns

All members of the band grew up in small villages spread around Scotland; Stonehaven, Tain and Doune. These are the sorts of places where the phone box on the high street is the place to be when you’re growing up. I love a good phone box as much as the next guy but there’s only so much fun to be had so we all got out and ended up in Glasgow. Now we all sleep, eat and play in a flat together like one big happy family. It’s disgusting


Just lovely people brought together by our mutual love of all things lovely. Sean’s a vegetarian. Our first album is called ‘The Yawns’. Many people ask us how we came up with such an inventive name. We tell them to fuck off. Anyway, it is a delicious slathering of musical ear yoghurt full of rolling basslines with lyrics about memory loss and Danny Dyer.

Our second album, probably called ‘Return of The Yawns’ will be finished hopefully before summer. Is dubstep still cool? Look out for it in your local Asda bargain bin.


Four out of the five of us are unemployed so I would love to say it is for the money but I am pretty sure we pay more than we make so it ain’t that. Music is one of the few things that can retain our attention for large lengths of time. Otherwise we are like a school of goldfish floating around aimlessly forgetting what we were talking about seconds earlier and bumping into each other in the murk. So yeah, fame.

‘The Yawns’ is out real soon on cassette (Giant Hell) and vinyl (Record Record Records) on January 21st – get them here. They play Henry’s Cellar Bar on Friday 18th and Saturday 26th at the 13th Note.

You can hear the album on soundcloud.