The Vegan Leather release a new single, ‘French Exit’, via Midnight Pink / Believe Digital.

It follows up previous singles ‘Shake It’, ‘Eyes’ and ‘I Take American’, the latter of which reached over 350,000 streams on Spotify and debuted on New Music Friday playlists in the UK, Turkey, Spain and South America.

The Paisley quartet – Gianluca Bernacchi, Duncan Carswell, Marie Collins and Matthew McGoldrick – recorded the single – available to stream online in sessions during the latter half of 2018, at Chem19 studios, where they worked with Paul Savage.

Speaking of the single, Bernacchi said: “Lyrically, the song is about social anxiety, a sort of inner voice telling you to go out and stay out to the bitter end when really you need to go home.”

On working with the production legend and former Delgado, Collins said: “It was a total dream come true. A lot of my musical heroes recorded there, and so it was a surreal experience to see a lot of my favourite albums on the wall of the studio as we were recording.

“The history of the studio was a real creative driving force for us, and we felt privileged to be in a space where so many incredible songs had been produced.”

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