The Twistettes release an album ‘Live at Capture Works’.

It’s the first release of the year from the Fife duo – sisters Jo and Nicky D’arc – as they concentrate on releasing music under their home-based, electronic-themed project Minerva Wakes.

However, The Twistettes, very much a live act suffering under lockdown, managed to perform a live stream for ‘You Call That Radio‘ at Capture Works, the basis of the new record.

Among the album’s 11 tracks are fan favourites ‘I Think Not’, ‘Juliette’, ‘Lampost Light’ and ‘Weird Me’ – drawn from the duo’s two long players to date for the Traffic Cone label, 2016’s ‘Jilt The Jive‘ and its follow-up two years later, ‘A Strange Play’.

There’s also a new track, ‘Tory Cunts’, which also acts as the theme for a new range of merchandise – ok, just T-shirts (at the moment).

The set was recorded at Capture Works for ‘You Call That Radio’ before being mastered by Tom S Ray at Audio Unity Group.

The release is also available on CD – which comes with stickers featuring the first artwork designed by Jo – and contains a special hidden bonus track not available on the download version.

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