The Twisted Melons release a new single, ‘Change is Gonna Come’.

It’s the first new material since the band’s fourth album ‘West Of The Rock which was released almost exactly three years ago, on 1st April 2016.

The band, consisting of the three brothers Johnston, grew up close to Paul McCartney’s farm in Kintyre, and have over the years played the Headbanger’s Ball at Faslane Peace Camp, among other political events.

Usually music press releases detail how musicians have been picked up by radio or TV, but The Twisted Melons, following their last single ’77’, came to the attention of “GCHQ, US Naval Cyber Command, left wing podcasts and being banned from advertising on YouTube and Facebook”. Which sounds like as good a reason as any for giving them a listen.

The band’s next show is at The Commercial Inn in Campbeltown on May 3rd followed by a show with Hound / Skilled Embryo / Grufus at The Greenside Venue in Leslie.

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