The Smart Set release a pair of singles – ‘Lucky Cat’ & ‘Evergreen’.

The ‘band’ is the solo project of Gareth Perrie – formerly of BMX Bandits and Randolph’s Leap, and currently of The Polychromes, Radiophonic Tuckshop and Lenzie Moss.

‘Lucky Cat’ and ‘Evergreen’, both self-released via Bandcamp, were recorded at Perrie’s home in Clackmannanshire during lockdown.

The songs were built from a library of whistled melodies stored in the musician’s ‘Voice Memos’ phone app, while the artwork and videos were also homemade in what Perrie describes as “a typically masculine ‘of course I can paint artwork and create a music video without ever having done either before’ display of self-confidence.”

‘Lucky Cat’ was released on Friday 19th June to coincide with Bandcamp donating their fees to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, whilst ’Evergreen’s release coincided with Bandcamp’s series of ‘no fee days’ aimed at supporting musicians during the Covid-19 crisis.

Both tracks are now available to download via Bandcamp – more at

There’s a video for ‘Evergreen’ as well as ‘Lucky Cat’, below…