The Sexual Objects‘ album Marshmallow is getting its official (re)-release, via the Triassic Tusk label.

The nine track album was previously released as a limited edition of ONE and left to the highest bidder along with full rights. The Edinburgh label have snapped it up and made it available to the greater public.

Limited to 300 copies, the nine tunes are split between on the two distinctly-named sides with ‘Marshmallow’ containing ‘Cincinnati Blooms, ‘Sometimes’, ‘Kevin Ayers’, ‘Marshmallow’, and ‘The Shadows of Jet Plane’.

And side two is ‘Kultkream’, with ‘Astrastube’, ‘Anglia Wagen’, ‘Squash’ and ‘Pye Hill no.1’.

Mail order at Triassic Tusk seems to be sold out but copies may be available at the usual sources such as Monirail or Underground Solushn.