The Rowan releases a new single, ‘Chemistry and Maths’, on Pure Hackett Recordings.

Available via Bandcamp, the latest in Rowan Smith’s “pandemic-inspired solo music career,” the lead track, over six minutes long, is “banjo shoegaze… just what the world needs!”

It comes with an additional track, ‘Lost Her Failing’, which Smith describes as “a really depressing number I recorded about 18 years ago when I was into my ‘Low’ phase”.

The tracks are the first new material from the former Second Hand Marching Band member since last November’s single ‘Better Already‘ which was released in aid of the OurBrainBank charity.

Other material in The Rowan’s back catalogue includes a five-track EP ‘Balloon Girl‘, from four years ago.

The solo recordings follow a long career in the Glasgow indie scene, mainly on drums, with acts such as The Boy Cartographer, The Just Joans, Nova Express, Tibi Lubin, Poppadoms, Scunner and The Plimptons, as well as her most recent group effort, A Mild Peril alongside members of Dananananayroyd.

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