Edinburgh-based sonic experimentalist The Reverse Engineer releases a new EP, ‘Elusive Geometry: Abstract’, via Floored Music.

Three of the five tracks feature Matty Eeles including two versions of ‘Metastability’, and ‘Rhythmed’. ‘Post’ includes a contribution from BAFTA award-winning cellist Atzi Murumatsu.

The three new tracks act as tasters for The Reverse Engineer’s forthcoming album ‘Elusive Geometry’, out on November 24th, while the EP’s track listing is completed by bonus track ‘One Zone’, written during the same sessions.

The lead track has a videoby Ian Dodd, who has in the past worked as a camerman on music videos for Pulp and Teenage Fanclub, as well as on various feature films and for the BBC.

More at www.thereverseengineer.co.uk