The Primevalshave released a new album, ’New Trip’ on vinyl and CD on the Triple Wide label.

Recorded during lockdown, it follows ‘Second Nature’, from May 2020, a 12-track release, also on vinyl, and which came as a 16 track CD.

The band – currently Michael Rooney, Tom Rafferty, Martyn Rodger, John Honeyman, Ady Gillespie, and Paul Bridges – recorded the album’s nine tracks in late 2020, at FML Studio in Motherwell, co-produced and engineered by Sandy Jones.

The Glasgow act, who formed in 1983, have been putting out sporadic new releases since, with only a period between 1992-1996 devoid of either gigs or recordings as the various members worked on other projects,

Their debut single ‘Where Are You?’ came out on the local Raucous label before the band made 1984’s ‘Eternal Hotfire’ mini-album for Parisien New Rose Records.

As well as making more than ten albums and recording five Radio One sessions, the band also gigged extensively including with The Cramps on their ‘Date with Elvis’ European tour in 1986.

Over the 30-odd period leading up to the release of ‘New Trip’ the band out out a live album ‘Neon Oven’ recorded 1988 in Paris, worked with legendary Sub Pop producer Jack Endino , and put put a split 45 from the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions entitled ‘Girl It’s Me’ in 2013.

You can catch a recent appearance on You Call That Radio – more at The Primevals Facebook page.