The Poppermost release debut album ‘Hits To Spare’, via US imprint Think Like A Key on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

Kane is a long-established figure on the Scottish music scene, having begun his career 10 years ago with The Owsley Sunshine, releasing the ‘Watermelon‘ EP.

More recently, he was one part of The Radiophonic Tuckshop, who put out EP ‘Running Commentary‘ in 2017.

And as well as teaming up with Carla J Easton for Ette’s ‘Homemade Lemonade‘ album, he also works under the Dr. Cosmo’s Tape Lab guise.

Described as “a one man beat-group sensation”, The Poppermost is the alias of Joe Kane – indeed, the quartet’s lineup is given as “Joe Kane – rhythm guitar/harmonica; Joe Kane – bass; Joe Kane – lead guitar; Joe Kane – the drums”.

Indeed, with songs written, performed and produced by Kane, the only outside assistance comes in the mastering process for the 14-track release, which the Glasgow-based musician entrusted to Ben Pike at Rare Tone.

“Ultimately, this album was about making a very fresh, quick and positive pop record, utilising the recording aesthetics and sound of my favourite music,” says Kane, who is currently putting together a live version of the band which may or may not involve cloning technology.

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