The Original Magnetic Light Parade release a new two-track single, ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ / ‘Confusion Reigns’, on Bearsuit Records

Available on Edinburgh’s Bearsuit Records, the single isavailable from the usual outlets, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

The duo comprise Belgian composer/producer Alexander Stordiau and Edinburgh musician, Harold Nono.

Edinburgh-based Harold Nono has recorded four solo albums to date, including his most recent, ‘We’re Almost Home‘ earlier this year.

He previously played in local bands Idiot Half Brother and Ageing Children, and has been involved with collaborative projects including the 2010 album ‘Plenty Time’ (2010) with French musician, Eric Cosentino under the moniker Jikan Ga Nai.

Brussels-based Stordiau, a violinist and pianist with a classical education, studied music at the academies of Roeselare, Kortrijk, Brugge, Aalst and Gent.

He recently recorded his debut solo album, ‘Poking Your Imagination’, on the Japanese label, Pure Spark Records.

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