Younger readers might recall a band called The Muldoons, something of a fixture on the Scottish indie scene for around 5 years at the start of the 1990s.
They went the way all bands do, but were persuaded to reform for a one-off support to Inspiral Carpets’ Tom Hingley at the Bungalow in Paisley. The rest is (recent) history…


We’re 5 guys all from Paisley, some of us grew up together. For the record we are Davy, Andy, Gerry, Bobby and Greg.




Greg was in the Church Grims before he joined the Muldoons. Sadly they broke up and never reformed – they frequently pop up on re-issue releases, mostly on Cherry Red. Their album Plaster Saints was a real inspiration to us and ‘Mr Watt Said’ was just re-released on Cherry’s ‘Big Gold Dreams’ album. We are going to play one of their tracks at our Oran Mor gig in a couple of weeks, probably the first time its been performed in more than 20 years.


We are very lucky to rehearse and record in a farm near the Irn Bu factory in Cumbernauld. Next door to a byre. Gavin Paterson who runs it is a fantastic producer and engineer. We are 80% of the way through (slowly) recording our first album. This was our primary motivation to get back together, we had only released stuff on cassette etc in the 90s, we felt the songs deserved to be properly recorded and performed. We are also writing and performing new songs though won’t release any till we’ve documented the songs we wrote back then…


We all listened to post-punk / indie etc growing up the in the 80s….. We were influenced by the bands around Paisley like Close Lobsters / Church Grims and the usual suspects from the 80s C86 bands/Smiths/Housemartins/Orange Juice/Wedding Present etc etc…. we also were playing a lot of 60s garage and Doors/Velvet Underground also etc… We have no intention of creating a new genre of music….


god knows…. Certainly not for the fame or the money, but it is a good time to release underground music so long as you don’t want to get rich. Every now and then you get an email or a compliment from Japan or California and it leaves you amazed. It’s a cliche but we do love the music..

The band play at Glasgow’s West End festival, at Oran Mor, on June 21st, and then at King Tut’s on July 22nd.

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