The Monosapiens & Conscious Route release a new EP, ‘Better Days’, via True Hold Records.

Following up 2016’s ‘Frequency’ LP, the six tracks are available to stream or download.

There are five original tunes on the EP as well as one remix – aside from the title track, there’s ‘Zeros,’ ‘Forgot’ ‘Calculated’, ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Better Days’ remixed by Vigilante.

Both acts are based in and around Edinburgh – Conscious Route originally recording as the Mosman as part of the English-based hiphop crew Fugazirum, before moving north and teaming up with two-man production team Rik & Si Mono aka Monosapiens.

Prior to ‘Frequency’, the two collaborated several years previously, Monosapiens remixing a track on Conscious Route’s ‘Real World Remixed Reloaded‘.

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