The Massacre Cave release a new single, and video, ‘An Itchy Finger’.

The track comes from the band’s album ‘Godlust’, their eight track release from 2020. Both single and album are available to download at Bandcamp.

The quartet hail from the Hebridean Isle of Eigg – previously best-known for being home to Pictish Trail’s Lost Map record label. However, despite having featured alongside Lost Map artists at the label’s ‘Howlin’ Fling’ events, they instead release their music on the Red Death imprint.

The video was and produced by guitarist/singer Joe Cormack, and directed, filmed by guitarist/singer Ben Cormack, who says: “The video features our lead drummer Pete (Colquhoun) as the main protagonist.

“He was chosen as he has the best tattoos but it turns out he’s also the best actor in the band.

“The majority was filmed pre-pandemic,” Cormack continues. “I suppose it’s a bit of a nostalgic trip down memory lane when a face mask was more commonly linked with murderous intruders and masked bandits. A simpler time.”

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