The Just Joans release their 2020 Christmas single, ‘Card From A Multipack’, via Fika Recordings.

The track is a re-recording of a song from their ‘Seasonal Greet’ EP, released 10 years ago on WeePOP! Records.

As well as being available as a download, it comes on limited edition 7″ vinyl, on evergreen vinyl, and with a new version of ‘Christmas (Teardrops Neath Mistletoe).’

The physical version, available for pre-order and (hopefully) for delivery in time for Christmas, comes with the option of five festive postcards as painted by the band’s Katie Pope.

The two reworked songs are the first output from the Lanarkshire combo – siblings David and Katie Pope, Chris Elkin, Fraser Ford, Arion Xenos and Jason Sweeney – since their fourth long player ‘The Private Memoirs and Confessions of…‘, which came out in January this year.

Singer-songwriter David Pope said of the release: “There’s a famous quote by T. S. Eliot about the world ending with a whimper rather than a bang. Similarly, relationships can finish, not with a bang, but an underwhelming Christmas card.

“‘Card From A Multipack’ was originally a throwaway B-side that I recorded myself in 2010 with just an acoustic guitar. Since then, however, it seems to have struck a chord with people, and we’re frequently asked to play it live.

“Considering the year we’ve all had, we thought it would be fun to re-record this ode to lost love and mass-produced salutations as a full band with a string section in the hope that it can bring a little festive cheer.”

More at or at Fika Recordings.