The Just Joans release a new album ‘The Private Memoirs and Confessions of the Just Joans’ via Fika Recordings.

Including the recent single ‘Dear Diary, I Died Again Today’, it’s the fourth long player from the Lanarkshire combo – if you don’t count any of the plethora of EPs they’ve released over the years.

As well as the most recent lineup of siblings David and Katie Pope, plus Chris Elkin on lead guitar, Fraser Ford on bass guitar, Arion Xenos on keyboards and Jason Sweeney on drums, the record also sees the band break some new ground with the inclusion of strings, arranged by Butcher Boy’s Alison Eales.

Taking its title from the gothic horror novel ‘The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner’ by James Hogg, the new album follows up 2017’s ‘You Might Be Smiling Now…’.

As David Pope describes the 12-track effort as “a collection torn from the pages of the diary I haven’t kept over the past 25 years. There are songs about places and people I vaguely remember, feelings I think that I once may have felt and the onset of middle-aged ennui.”

Despite the addition of brass and strings, each of the album’s dozen tracks were recorded and produced by the band, DIY-style, in “various gloomy bedrooms around Glasgow.”

Following a London gig on January 10th and shows in Rainham and Sheffield, next Scottish date for the band is on February 1st at Glasgow’s Flying Duck.

Track listing:
1. Hey Ho Let’s Not Go
2. Who Does Susan Think She Is?
3. Wee Guys (Bobby’s Got A Punctured Lung)
4. Dear Diary, I Died Again Today
5. My Undying Love For You Is Beginning To Die
6. When Nietzsche Calls
7. The Older I Get, The More I Don’t Know
8. The One I Loathe The Least
9. Another Doomed Relationship
10. Holiday
11. People I Once Knew
12. Like Yesterday Again

More at or at Fika Recordings.