The Incarnations release a new single, ‘Fly by Night’, on Sound Hub Records.

Available to download from all major music platforms including Bandcamp, it’s the third single from the Aberdeen-based four-piece guitar band.

The quartet – Fraser Bateman (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Ian Hay (lead guitar), Jamie Thomson (bass and backing vocals), and David ‘Deco’ Smith (drums) – released their debut single ‘Love Drugs’ in 2017, which was followed by ‘Shadows‘ in 2019.

The new track, described as a “lyrical indie anthem” by their label, was recorded in Belper, Derbyshire at Sound Hub Records’ studio and was mastered at Metropolis Studios in London, while the video was filmed in Aberdeen before lockdown.

Jamie Thomson, the band’s bassist, who wrote the song, said: “I think this was the first song we ever rehearsed as a band, so it’s been kicking about for a while. I had the chords and the verses written way before the band formed. I remember I was listening to a lot of The Rolling Stones and The Spencer Davis group and had originally set out to write a song that sounded like ‘Brown Sugar’ but with a modern twist.

“The song is about falling for someone that you know isn’t good for you, but you feel
powerless (or don’t want to) do anything about it. It’s an attempt to describe those conflicting feelings you can have about relationships in their early stages, especially when you’re young.”

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