Comedic indiepop group The Hector Collectors are celebrating their 20th anniversary this summer with a 12 track best-of compilation.

‘Numbers By Hectors’ – available as a stream or free download – spans the Motherwell combo’s 20-year career, stretching back as far as 2000’s ‘What’s The Point In Getting Up’ – from the band’s debut long-player, the John Peel-playlisted ‘Straight Outta Comprehensive’.

The 12-track collection then goes all the way through their four full-length releases, to ‘Edgelords‘ and ‘Podcast’, from the band’s most recent recordings, ‘Remember The Hector Collectors…‘ and ‘Do the “Ad Hominem”‘.

The set also documents the band’s various lineups throughout the years – along with core members, frontman Adam J Smith and (unrelated) guitarist Iain Smith (both pictured), the band has seen the likes of Paul McDermott (Donut / The Radioheads / Poppadoms), Paul Kelly (Martial Arts / BMX Bandits), Duncan Robertson (Danananakroyd / The Boy Cartographer), Chris Elkin (once of My Legendary Girlfriend and now The Just Joans), and Camera Obscura’s Gavin Dunbar (but on drums), all grace its ranks.

The band’s current lineup now features the Smiths (no relation, again) currently aided and abetted by Cal Murray (ex- of The Plimptons), and Joseph Greatorex, recently live guitarist for The Supernaturals and now fronting Brontosaurus.

The band have also compiled a 41-video YouTube playlist presenting, they say, “a chronological visual history (if you please) of the bands progression from 2000 to 2019, on the offchance that that’s not an endeavour that strikes you as vanishingly trivial.”

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