The Gritty Kings released a new EP, ‘The Sound of Being Let Out’

There are three songs on the extended single – ‘Bring Back Tomorrow’, ‘It’s Ok To Talk’, and previously-released track ‘JEM‘.

The Edinburgh-based band – Louie, James, and Euan – have played together for some time but the arrival of a new bassist, Gregor, saw them rebrand as The Gritty Kings.

Lead-singer Louie explains the inspiration behind the EP: “‘The Sound of Being Let Out’ was written during isolation and completely revolves around the inevitable decline in mental health that the virus will cause within society.”

‘Bring Back Tomorrow’ is about bringing back the positive mentality that tomorrow is a better day, and that we can look forward to it rather than be afraid. A lot of men, like myself, will be finding it hard to speak about their feelings more so now than ever. When you feel like everyone is going through the same thing, how do you have a right to complain louder than the others?

“‘It’s Ok To Talk’ is a reminder to everyone that even in times like these where we all are struggling, it’s fine to talk to your pals about what’s going on.”

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