The Filthy Tongues re-release an album from the archive – 2006’s ‘Addiction’ – as a limited CD as well as digital download.

The 13-track long-player was recorded under the Isa and the Filthy Tongues moniker, with the ‘Special Edition’ first released on Circular Records in 2009. This incarnation of the band which evolved from Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie featured American Stacy Chavis on lead vocals, alongside Martin Metcalfe, Fin Wilson and Derek Kelly.

Previously the Edinburgh-based core trio had worked under the name Angelfish, with one of the Mackenzies’, Shirley Manson, taking on lead vocals.

The band released two albums, with the second – ‘Dark Passenger’ – coming out in 2010 on Neon Tetra. They then dropped the ‘Isa’ prefix, and as a trio with Metcalfe taking on lead vocals, released ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and
Back to Hell‘ in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

The album contains the song ‘Big Star’, which featured in the Ashton Kutcher / Anne Heche film ‘Spread‘, directed by David Mackenzie.

The CD version features two bonus tracks: ‘I Can’t Stand It’ and ‘Finders Freakers’, with both available at The Filthy Tongues bandcamp page.

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