The Fear, along with Oxhead, have three new digital releases as part of a flurry of releases from new Edinburgh label Dead Hound Records.

The ‘Emergency Release’ series, featuring Edinburgh’s Oxhead and Glasgow duo The Fear, are intended to raise money for WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund, following the wildfire disaster still affecting areas of the country.

The DIY imprint, which specialises in experimental/alternative short-run releases, has made three EPS free to stream/download, but obviously encourage fans to pay what they want / can afford to aid the appeal.

They also state that they are “aware of and very fond of voicing left-leaning political views” as well as having “a deep sense of humanity and compassion for all living things.”

Oxhead is the guise of Ollie Turbitt – previously involved with Logan’s Close and Bad Protagonist Club, he is also the face behind the label. His musical project’s release consists of “a collection of dense, ambient, wall-of-sound pieces composed on guitar, laptop & synths after a trip to Berlin in January 2019.”

The Fear’ – Dominic Lees and Stuart Peters originally met at school in Glasgow, and release ‘Akira’ and ‘Pilot-Cødex’ as the follow up to 2019s ‘Free Me Or Kill Me’.

All funds raised through the sales of ‘Akira’, ‘Pilot Cødex’ & ‘MMXX Futurability Complex’ will be sent to WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund, which offers aid & landscape restoration to the people & animals affected by the bushfire emergency]

1. THE FEAR (plunderphonics/electronica from Glasgow) – ‘AKIRA


3. Oxhead (ambient/electronic synths & guitars from Edinburgh) – ‘MMXX: Futurability Complex‘.

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