The Elf of Elbrook Court releases a new album, ‘The Glass Typewriter’.

The long-player was concocted between March and July 2020 – comprising songs written, according to Craig Spence, “watching the sunset, tales of far off lands and a broken-down state of mind.”

Containing a dozen ‘lockdown’ tracks, the release follows an EP, entitled ‘Down the River‘, from July.

That record, like ‘The Glass Typewriter’, saw the Gourock-based songwriter move away from his usual indie and electronic sounds and back towards the country music of his youth.

“I was brought up on a diet of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Crystal Gayle, Dolly Parton, John Denver,” Spence recalls. “Occasionally my indie electronic leanings flash and beep through,” he adds, recalling his more electronic-oriented album ‘The Elf of Elbrook Court’, released around a year ago, “but on the whole this is an album of country guitars and western stories.”

The new album can be streamed via
Spotify, AppleMusic, Amazon, and YouTube, though sad to say it doesn’t appear to be available to download.

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