The Echo Session release their debut album, ‘Wait and See’ on the Flowers in the Dustbin label.

The 10 track effort is available on digipak CD, download and streaming, and includes single ‘Mystery Man’.

The band, led by chief songwriter Tam Maher, with guitarist Alistair Morrow, Stuart Morran on bass, and drummer Ryan Rimkus, have existed even longer than their label, which has been releasing music for 12 years.

The album draws the band’s early recordings, from around 2005, with Joe Kane on production duties, although there was a long hiatus before singles ‘But I’m Scared’ and ‘Wait and See’, were released.

The tracklisting reads as follows:
1. But I’m Scared
2. Mystery Man (Reverb)
3. Old Original 45
4. Conkers Hall
5. Sailor Song
6. Down by the River
7. Dear Old Sam
8. Barapba
9. Sunshine in the Morning
10. Wait and See

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