The Color Waves release their self-titled debut LP.

Available on all digital platforms, the 10 tracks are the work of Garry Hoggan, a Scot currently “misplaced” in Buffalo, NY.

Previously Hoggan has released two singles under the Color Waves moniker – ‘Play Along‘ as a self-released download, and ‘The Bay‘ for Cloudberry Records.

These previous recordings were made as a trio including Jason Sweeney, with the favour being returned with a contribution to Sweeney Straddles The Sun’s ‘Tarantula’ album.

However, despite Hoggan now based in the USA, the release is still a collaborative effort, with most of the songs on the album in conjunction with Glasgow-based Alison Eales – a bandmate from their other band Butcher Boy, and who describes the album as “songs of love, loss and lobotomy”.

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