The Alien Cormorant & Gold Mass release the first track ‘Opaque’ from a new collaboration.

Available via the usual channels, including Spotify and Apple Music, it’s Dundee-based The Alien Cormorant’s second collaboration with an Italian artist, following the ‘From My House To Your House’ EP with Cecilia Miradoli released earlier this year.

The Alien Cormorant says of the latest collaboration: “Gold Mass was recommended to me by my long-time friend, the acclaimed producer Paul Savage (Mogwai, Deacon Blue, Teenage Fanclub, Arab Strap) who produced the Gold Mass album Transitions.

“After I heard the album, I immediately contacted her and offered to collaborate on some tracks. Thankfully she agreed and we started swapping ideas via Facebook, with Opaque being the first song to be released. We plan to release more tracks from the collaboration in the coming months”.

Of the song, Gold Mass says: “The word ‘Opaque’ states for a body that cannot be crossed by the light, a body reflecting or totally absorbing light radiation… In a society like ours, we live subjected to velocity, appearance and merciless competition, bombarded daily by new offers and opportunities.

“We experience temporary achievements, temporary jobs, temporary relationships. As long as it lasts, love hangs on the brink of defeat. We never know what the future may hold for us and we’ll never gain enough confidence to disperse the clouds and eradicate our anxiety and need to be loved, we’ll live opaque.”

The Alien Cormorant is the pseudonym of Dundee-based musician, producer and video maker Alan Cormack. As well as being known as a member of Spare Snare, he has has composed soundtracks for numerous films and BAFTA nominated video games.

Italian electronic artist Gold Mass released her debut album ‘Transitions’, in 2019, recorded with former Delgado Paul Savage. She has toured Europe and the UK and is now working on her new release.

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