The Alien Cormorant & Billordo team up for the first time to release a single, ‘I Know What You Are’.

However, the track is the third collaboration in recent times from Dundee-based Alan Cormack – aka The Alien Cormorant – following the award-winning ‘From My House To Your House’ EP with Cecilia Miradoli, and the follow-up single ‘Opaque’ with fellow Italian act Gold Mass.

Cormack is best known in indie circles as a member of Spare Snare, as well as one third of Muppet Mule, but has also composed soundtracks for numerous films and BAFTA-nominated video games.

Diego Billordo is an Argentinian anti-folk artist who has recently released his 17th album ‘En un robot folk punk’ in December 2020, and first worked with Cormack when his band Spare Snare covered the Buenos Aires musician’s song ‘No Quise Angustiarte’ on a 7″ single release.

The Alien Cormorant says of the collaboration: “It has always been an ambition of mine to work with Billordo. I had known of him for a few years and finally in 2017, I had the honour of spending some time with him in person.

“We chatted about collaborating on some songs, but never did anything about it. Now we have, and I’m delighted that we’ve taken influences from the music we both grew up listening to, bands like The Ramones, Magazine, Stiff Little Fingers and The Clash”.

Billordo adds: “In 2017 and 2018 I toured the UK. I travelled from North to South playing in all the main cities. People from the music scene made me feel very happy and welcome. They received me well. They took care of me. They made me feel like their family. Like someone who lived there.

“But ‘the system’ and some of those people who see the world differently from me – who I know all too well in Argentina, they are all over the world, made me feel that I was an outsider… an unwelcome visitor. So, I now want to say in this song that I know what you are… and I will never forget”.

‘I Know What You Are’ is available to download now. More at /