TeenCanteen trail an album of archive recordings with a single, ‘How We Met (Cherry Pie)’.

Available digitally, the track marks the five year anniversary the band’s debut album, ‘Say It All With A Kiss‘.

However, the single from the Glasgow four-piece – Carla Easton, Sita Pieraccini, Chloe Philip and Debs Smith – comes from ‘This Is How It Starts’, a collection of recordings that should have been their debut album four years previously.

‘How We Met (Cherry Pie)’, recorded at Glasgow’s 45 A-Side studio not long after the band’s formation in 2012, eventually featured on the quartet debut album, and gained the band some publicity when it featured on the soundtrack of the Karen Gillan-led romcom ‘Not Another Happy Ending’.

Lead singer and songwriter Carla Easton said: “‘Cherry Pie’ was that song that just fell out of thin air, I didn’t have to think about it too much, I was just at the beginning of a new romance and was all excited, it’s a total happy, fallen for someone song.

“I think of it as the first TeenCanteen song, it was the first one writing it where I was like “wait a minute I’m onto something here”, it was just exciting, it was the first track that we went ‘that’s us’.

“It’s a total slushy DIY innocent indie pop love song, it’s not trying to be anything more than that, but I think that’s why so many people connected with it; it’s fun, it’s fresh, it’s raw, it’s exciting, it’s DIY, it’s indie pop and it’s long overdue release.”

Album ‘This Is How It Starts’ is due in August 2021, with a vinyl release from Last Night From Glasgow/HIVE.

‘How We Met (Cherry Pie)’ is available to download now. More at www.facebook.com/TeenCanteen