Sweeney Straddles the Sun releases a new EP, ‘Ducks On The Moon’.

On, as ever, the Boffo Bear label, the four-track release follows up ‘Tarantula’ (as they point out, the 4th best album of 2017 according to Jockrock).

Jason Sweeney (for ’tis he), also of The Just Joans, recorded and produced his début album ‘Erect’ in 2010, on a £100 budget.

After a hiatus, the more refined ‘Tarantula’ came out last year, while the new EP moves on, with added emphasis on electronic beats and sonic sounds.

The EP (or mini-album) clocks in at 20 mins, making it, unlike its predecessor, ineligible for the Scottish Album of the Year Award.

Also unlike its predecessor, ‘Ducks On The Moon’ is available as a download-only release

More at www.facebook.com/BoffoBearRecs