Sumshapes release their debut album, ‘Cabin Biscuits’ via the Gruff Wit and Red Wig labels.

The band – Jer Reid, Ali Begbie and Richie Dempsey recorded the nine songs with Stevie Cossar, the results then being and mixed and mastered by Anthony Chapman (of Collapsed Lung, the makers of Euro ’96 tune ‘Eat My Goal’, trivia fans).

Anyway, the three members also have a past, having all played together in Dawson some 20-odd years ago, though they point out that Sumshapes is a different band.

Since those days and before the formation of Sumshapes, the individual members have made music separately under a variety of guises – Reid with the likes of Stevie Jones and the Taiko … Durummers, Begbie with Ilk, and former Stretchead Dempsey also working in DeSalvo.

The LP is available at as well as in good shops (well, Monorail certainly).