Not sure how we missed this originally (maybe because they only just told us) but Sucioperro have released third album The Heart String & How To Pull It on Xtra Mile Recordings.
Also out, already, is an 6-track EP Reflexes of the Dead.

The album track listing is as follows

1. Running From All That Doesn’t Tempt You
2. Threads
3. Reflexes Of The Dead
4. Out & Over
5. I Jumped Into The Heart Of A Black Situation
6. Ideals Have Value
7. Invisible Monsters
8. Is That Why You Pull Me In?
9. Delicious
10. Landslide
11. Hands

The band play the following shows in Scotland in April:

5 Drummonds Aberdeen
6 Dundee Beat Generator
7 Arches Glasgow
8 Sneaky Petes Edinburgh