The Blue Nile and Kate Bush – add to that list of bands who won’t be hurried into hurrying out new material Dundonian combo Stoor. But while the reclusive Glaswegians and the squeaky-voiced pop genius are famed for long delays between releases, the quartet from north-east Scotland have taken the best part of two decades to even get their first long-player out, following a 7″ single in the 90s on Spare Snare’s Chute label.
They’re now making up for lost time however, with an album – vinyl only, natch – out now and a clutch of live shows to come. Scott McKinlay blew the dust off the Stoor file…



Stef, bass, vocals, education

Ross guitar, backing vocals, manufacturing

Davie, 2nd guitar, logistics

Scott, drums, backing vocals, business


In summary, sometime last century, 1 bass from Waiter Waiter met 1 guitar from a remote part of Scotland and 1 guitar from Spare Snare in a kitchen. They wrote some songs in a shed, realised they needed a beat, and got drums from Waiter Waiter to join. 1 guitar left to live in the south. The 3 wrote, played and recorded for some time, got married, had children and became grown ups! Guitar and keyboard came and went. Another friendly guitar from nowhere joined for it to become the 4 piece it is now.


Started in Dundee, first gig supporting Man or Astroman. Released a single on vinyl a long time ago which sold out, 2nd single was manufactured on vinyl but never released and 3rd single was produced on CD but never released. Album recorded and released on vinyl May 2015.


Innovative, Intriguing, Inventive, Incessant, Infectious.

It’s actually quite funny trying to describe what we do. People who haven’t heard us always ask who or what we sound like. We honestly don’t know. All we know is that we can’t think of anyone who sounds like STOOR! We get lots of comparisons, but seldom to never are there two the same. Generally, people don’t know what to make of us, which is a good thing. Someone said we sounded contemporary and retro, make of that what you will. We like the idea of people listening to the album and working us out for themselves.


I’ve said this before, but you cannot buy the experience of being in a band and making music! It doesn’t matter who or what you are, or where you come from, how much money you may or may not have, you cannot go to Tescos and buy being in a band. For us it’s a friendship thing, the band is a byproduct. We’ve all been in other bands, but, as good as those other bands and experiences have been, there’s nothing like a good dose of STOOR!

Now all we need are some gigs…..

Stoor’s debut (!) is now available on vinyl via mail order or can be streamed below.

(Images: Brian Hutton)