Steven Solo releases his second album, ‘Pii2’ on the Last Night From Glasgow label, as a USB cassette.

Although it is technically his third album. Kind of. Album #2 was already recorded, then ditched, getting around the ‘difficult second album’ crisis that befalls so many acts.

So, ‘Pii2’ is the “joyous third return to form” release for the artist, but for fans, it’s the effortless curse-breaking second.

A thoroughly DIY effort, ‘Locococo’ was apparently sung on the way to work in the car, with much of the vocals recorded in the office car park – at least, those which weren’t recorded in the laundry cupboard or bath.

When younger, Steven worked mainly on a four track cassette, nowadays it’s a phone but with a £5.99 mic

With his first release written around the birth of his first child, the second album was written around the second kid,

The release was launched at Glasgow’s La Chunky Studios, which is named after Steven’s former band, earlier this month – the studio being cleared out specially. There are tentative plans to make live shows like this a regular event.

Get the album at the LNFG website.