Steg G & the Freestyle Master release a new single, ‘A Declaration (700 Years and Counting…)’ via Powercut Productions.

Celebrating the anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath and driven by traditional Celtic drumming, the track, the duo say, “pays homage to the spirit, ingenuity and heart of this beautiful land and all its inhabitants”.

The pair – SAMA Best Hip Hop winner Steg G on production duties with long time collaborator Freestyle Master on vocals – cite Robert The Bruce, William Wallace and Mary Barbour among those who provided inspiration “in the face of adversity in pursuit of freedom and justice.”

The track is released 700 years to the day after April 6th 1320, when deep in the vestry of Arbroath Abbey, the Abbot Bernard scribed the most famous document in the history of Scotland.

Known as The Declaration Of Arbroath, the parchment was sealed by the names of the country’s presiding nobles and sent to Pope John XXII requesting his papal decree to grant Scotland sovereign status as an independent nation free from the tyranny of English rule.

It was cited as the inspiration for the American Declaration of Independence nearly 500 years later,