Stanley Odd release their fourth album – their first in over six years – via their own Handsome Tramp label.

‘Stay Odd’ – subtitled ‘The Magic of Everyday Things’ – was recorded over a four-year period, between residential studios in Perth, city spaces in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and in the band’s own homes.

Mixed and mastered by Dunt, the 14 tracks include singles ‘Undo Redo‘, ‘Bill Oddy‘, Killswitch‘ and ‘The Invisible Woman

Frontman Dave Hook, AKA Solareye, says of the album: “If there’s anything that holds the record together, it’s that thread of the magic of everyday things; the sort of oddities of the ordinary.”

Although available to download, the band have created a 56-page book to accompany the release, with the lyrics annotated by handwritten notes as well as comic book-esque accompanying artwork from Edinburgh-based illustrator Matt Sinclair, AKA Matt Sloe.

“It’s a lyric book, it’s a scrapbook, it’s a notebook, it’s a picture book,” says Hook. “It showcases all the artwork, some of the video content, fan photos and – of course – the words and stories of the songs.”

The book offers deeper insight into the making of the album, with handwritten notes and annotations provided by Hook sitting alongside the lyrics to each track and Sinclair’s colourful, comic book-esque accompanying artwork.

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