Squiggles release a debut EP, ‘The Recruitment Drive’.

The band – which also doubles up as a cult – is the brainchild of former Spook School drummer Niall McCamley.

The four track EP is the first release since the Spook School announced their disbandment, which will see the four-piece split after eight years as a band, following a run of final shows culminating in their farewell gig in Glasgow in September.

The new Squiggles release contains five tracks – ‘Bend Becomes Break’, ‘Everything I Did Is Just Like Everything I’ve Done’, ‘We’ve Got Everything You Need’, ‘I Need You More Than You Need Me’ and ‘Do You Wanna Join?’

Recorded by Niall McCamley, Chris Smith and Joanne McCafferty in bedrooms, living rooms and practice rooms around Glasgow, it’s available as a CD with Membership Card and Welcome Letter (to the cult), as well as being available as an mp3 download.

More at www.facebook.com/squigglescult