Spinning Coin release their second album, ‘Hyacinth’, on Domino Records.

The quartet – Sean Armstrong, Jack Mellin, Rachel Taylor and Chris White – recorded the album last year over the space of a few days, with Peter Deimel, at Black Box Studios in France, while the group were on a summer tour.

‘Hyacinth’ follows up their debut LP ‘Permo’ from 2017, the three intervening years seeing personnel and geographical changes for the four-piece.

Cal Donnelly left the group, with Rachel Taylor joining. Taylor and vocalist Sean Armstrong relocated, leaving Glasgow for Berlin – Canadian Taylor having no choice other than to leave due the UK’s visa restrictions, with Armstrong following her to Germany.

“I think if anything the change has brought us closer as a band,” she reflects, “and made it clear to us that we wanted to continue making music together”.

Jack Mellin – one of the band’s three songwriters – explains that the new songs “are about the need for love in an often very unloving world – trying to find a balance of some kind between feelings of apathy, negativity, detachment and action, positivity and oneness.”

The band play a short string of Scottish shows in March:
12th March – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh Tickets
13th March – Beat Generator Live!, Dundee Tickets
14th March – Soup Kitchen, Manchester Tickets
15th March – CCA, Glasgow Tickets

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